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What does make SuperFuelMAX unique?

SuperFuelMAX uses a known principle of dispersion of hydrocarbon chains at passage through magnetic fields. Company IRD - manufacturer of SuperFuelMAX has brought to perfection the "know-how" of the magnet-frequency resonator, using as basic material Nd-37 which has shown the best characteristics and has allowed to receive stable effect of dispersion.


What is the hydrocarbon?

The organic connection containing only carbon and hydrogen and meeting in oil and natural gas.


What is the hydrocarbon chain?

These are molecules of hydrocarbon which gather groups, grow, fencing off molecules from air during process of burning.


Can SuperFuelMAX give additional improvement?

Yes, buyers from all over the world inform about the increase in parameters at use of gasoline with low octane number (95 and is lower). Actually, the essence of work of SuperFuelMAX consists of the increase access of oxygen to molecules of gasoline, or other kind of fuel, thus, improving process of combustion.


with what kind of active number does SuperFuelMAX work?

With anyone. A mode of higher octane numbers can be achieved with use of more low – active.


Why do the oil refining companies cannot use this improvement?

Because the break of hydrocarbon chains occurs only when fuel passes through of SuperFuelMAX. When the engine is switched off, dug hydrocarbon chains stops, and in some hours fuel comes back in an initial condition.


When should I check up the charge of fuel and when I can wait for results from SuperFuelMAX?

Inspect the charge before installation of SuperFuelMAX. The charge is the total gone way divided into spent amount of gasoline. Some people trust in reduction of the charge more, than it actually is. The more run of the automobile without use Fuel Max, the greater run is required for an exit on the improved mode.


Why is it necessary to pass 1500-2000 km on old automobiles to receive the maximal effect by the use of SuperFuelMAX?

This run will allow to remove carbons-slag adjournment in systems of the engine, formed of for incomplete combustion of fuel. It occurs after run of 1500-2000 km, or after burning 3-4 full tanks of gasoline.


Can consumption of fuel right after installations on old engines be increased?

Yes. It will be in an initial stage during distance of harmful adjournment, and then there will be a stabilization and display of influence of Super Fuel Max.


Do the high temperature influence work of SuperFuelMAX?

SuperFuelMAX allows working at temperature up to 310°?, but it should not settle down near to a target collector.


On what kind of fuel does SuperFuelMAX work best of all?

On all active numbers of gasoline.


What improvement can be expected from SuperFuelMAX?

It depends on capacity of the engine and type, carburetors or injection. The fixed and confirmed parameters of reduction in the charge of gasoline have made up to 20 %. Besides it is essential (up to 50 %) emission WITH and ?? in an atmosphere is reduced.


How far can be Super Fuel Max from the chamber of combustion?

It is recommended to establish SuperFuelMAX as it is possible closer to the carburetors or injector, however Super Fuel Max well itself showed on distance up to 100 cm from the chamber of combustion.


How quickly does SuperFuelMAX pay back?

It is to proportionally monthly run of the automobile and cost of fuel. On the average, if you spend for refueling of 100-150 dollars in a month your economy in one year will make from 240 up to 450 dollars one year.