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SuperFuelMAX is established on a fuel hose (without cutting), 3-5 cm, in front of the carburetor or fuel injection on the engines with EFI (ECU). Fastening can be carried out with the help of nylon collar which is delivered in the complete with SuperFuelMAX.

On one engine could be necessery more than one SuperFuelMAX. There is table on with You can be guided:

Gasoline engines
Capacity to 2,5 litres 1 pieces
Capacity from 2,5 to 5 litres 2 pieces
Capacity from 7 litres 3 pieces
Diesel engines
Capacity to 2 litres 1 pieces
Capacity from 2 to 3 litres 2 pieces
Capacity from 3 to 8 litres 3 pieces
Heavy lorries to 500hp 6 pieces
Heavy lorries from 500hp 7 pieces


Installation on the engines with injection system:

  1. Before installation of SuperFuelMAX it is necessary to null installations of EFI (ECU). For zeroing operative memory of the controller, or corresponding diagnostic wires under a torpedo become isolated, or uses the special diagnostic scanner (if such wires are not present), or simply for some time (sufficient for discharge of all condensers) the accumulator is disconnected. Do not overlook thus and about the accumulator of the signal system if it is. After connection of the accumulator, EFI returns factory installations and not having in memories of the previous records, begins repeated interrogation and initialization.
  2. After zeroing installations of EFI establish SuperFuelMAX according to the instruction.
  3. After installation of Super FuelMAX connects the accumulator, start the engine. Establish speed of rotation of a cranked shaft on a tachometer about 2500 rev/min., add loading (include headlights, the conditioner) for 0, 5-1 minute. The more the loading enclosed within 30 seconds after connection, the new parameters will be better.
  4. For the greater effect it is recommended to pass on such a road where it is possible to sustain driving with completely open throttle barrier even within 30 seconds and more. Then EFI begins an estimation of parameters in optimum conditions, will expose very exact installations of time of ignition and injection, and new parameters will be now as well the maximal parameters. These options will operate the engine until will be filled gasoline, or any mistake to which should react EFI will not be found out.


The recommendation for owners of domestic automobiles:

if the engine of your automobile before installation of SuperFuelMax has been normally adjusted: the valve, the carburetor, a backlash and a corner of an advancing of ignition, so, having put SuperFuelMAX, you will find out that capacity of the engine has increased.

Especially it is seen at dispersals and acceleration, on single - is weaker, as efficiency of SuperFuelMAX grows at increase in speed of course of a fuel mix between its magnets. Therefore for maintenance of an economy effort of fuel it is possible to recommend to replace the fuel filter and adjustment of the screw of quality of a fuel mix to increase the contents in it of oxygen (for carburetor engines), or to adjust fuel submission (for injection engines). The note. Before installation SuperFuelMAX on automobiles with injection the engine, approximately for 5 mines before fixing the device, it is necessary to disconnect the minus plug on an accumulator room battery. Issue shows petrol run of the engine, in other words, smaller amount of issue - more full greater combustion of fuel.

Important: Do not establish FuelMAX near to the generator, gauges of an onboard computer and an exhaust branch pipe.