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Super Fuel Max optimizing molecular structure of fuel and contribute its complete burning! Super Fuel Max can be esely installed ony type of car!

Super Fuel Max shows excellent results on both gasoline and diesel engines. It is effective practically on every type of cars - cars, lorries, buses, jeeps, motorboats, motorcycle etc.

Super Fuel Max can be installed just in a few minutes without any special knowledge and instruments!

The developer of Super FuelMax is the known American physicist and inventor Robert Kane. At the end of the eightieth years Robert Kane, using a scientific material of many predecessors, has found out a way to split bluster of molecules of hydrocarbons by means of influence on them a magnetic resonance of the certain frequencies. On the basis of this opening Robert Kane has designed the device of Super FuelMax, using in it sources of the magnetic resonance created on the basis of on the chemical element " Neodymium " (Neodymium, Nd, nuclear number 60, nuclear weight 144,24, seldom ground metal). The device of magnet-resonant processing of fuel of Super Fuel MAX is developed by Robert Kane in 1989 and patented by corporation General Motors in the USA, Europe, Japan and in the line of other countries. The principle of action of the given device is based on basic researches in the field of a magnetic field, lead by the American physicists by the Block and Perssal for which in 1952 they have been awarded with the Nobel Prize. Now Robert Kane is the president of corporation IRD (company - manufacturer of Super Fuel Max) and the adviser of National Space Agency and Ministry of Defence of the USA, and also the adviser of corporation Motorola and the full member of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.